Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flax/Lavender Eye Pillows

Lately, I've been saying I don't "have time" for extreme crafting. But, this is just not true. There is always time. This perception of having "no time" is perpetuated by stress. In times of stress, it's more important than ever to get the scissors and start cutting. I decided to make something that would help me relax, and thus allow more space in my life for extreme crafting. So, I made two eye pillows in two different sizes.
One of them turned out to be a wee chest pillow. The bandaid on my chin is compliments of my new kitten, Ti-gris.


  1. wow i like the fabric you used. great idea

  2. I recognize one of those fabrics..didn't it travel to Ottawa on the underground railroad of extreme crafting? I think smashing things may also be useful in times of when yet another blizzard is bending in our way, creating surely yet another "SNOW DAY" whereby my darling teenagers will be home with me on a "STUDIO" day tomorrow. hmmm. Maybe we can smash pottery together..and make mosaics. Aggie - great to see you relaxing in this photo.